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 Are there "many Paths to God"?

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Adultery is a No-No!

                       You shall not commit adultery (Ex. 20:14).

When God says Do not commit adultery, He means it! Here
   are some ways you can be on the lookout for adultery - and
   recommit and rebuild your marriage.

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Making Godly choices in an ungodly world !
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Why December 25? 

  The day and month of Christ's birth have been hotly disputed over the centuries.

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Mary Who?

Blessed Virgin & Child

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Who was St. Patrick ? Was he Irish?

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This Easter, have you wondered about the agony of the Cross? JESUS willfully suffered for ALL mankind!

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Outlaw Cloning Immediately!

Human cloning is not only objectionable morally and
scientifically, but it "would upset traditional family patterns"

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A Day to Remember, A Day of Victory

A Message by Billy Graham

This message has been taken from Prepared Remarks by Billy Graham, for the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, at the National Cathedral, in Washington, D.C., on Friday, September 14, 2001.  Billy Graham emphasized that Jesus Christ WAS our HOPE to Eternal Life.  Read this great speech given 3-days after the Sept. 11th collapse of the Twin Towers in New York City.
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Many people are "shacking up", is this a good thing....or something to be avoided?

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Why Do YOU Need to Go To Church? 

Some go for encouragement, some go for entertainment, some go because they gotta...what do you do to church for?  ......

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Lets Not Forget the Real  Reason for the Season!

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Mary Responds to the Angel     

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February 14th is Valentine's Day....

How Much do YOU know about it?

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Pat Robertson Persists: Islam 'Extreme and Violent'


The Pastor's Pen !

What could STOP a person from being saved?  

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The recent uproar over the ruling that the Pledge of Allegiance cannot include the words "under God" has shed light on an issue that is much larger than the Pledge itself. Ultimately, the case is about the desire of an atheist to keep his daughter from making a pledge that is "under God". What does the Bible say about atheism?

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"Why is there suffering? That proves that there is no 'loving' God."

What do YOU think?

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What the Bible says about Mothers...

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Remembering one of Christ's humble servants
You will be inspired by the life of this simple, single Christian man...

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Immodest Clothing at Church an 'Abomination'
Wife of Baptist Leader Says Christian Women, Girls Should Reflect Holiness

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“Paul Was No Pretty Boy”

Paul reveals his true nature, that in himself, he is a no-good-for-nothing-low-down-rotten sinner, unworthy of such abundant grace.  How about YOU?
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God Glorified in the Nobodies.... Are YOU a NOBODY?

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Dr. W. A. Criswell

Genesis 16:7-16

An expository message from the Word of God by one of America's greatest 20th-century preachers!  Dr. Criswell had a fifty-year ministry as pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas.  This is a message you don't want to miss.

Guest Commentary

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A Great Article from the Commercial Appeal in Memphis on Rev. Adrian Rogers of Bellevue Baptist Church

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Survey: Presbyterian Clergy, Laity Unsure if Jesus is 'The Way'
You Have Got to Joking...Right?  A poll of members of the Presbyterian Church (USA) indicates that many do not believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.

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"The Church is full of hypocrites."

What do YOU think?

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Who gets to make the rules?

by Cal Thomas

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ThanksgivingJoin us in giving thanks for the many ways God has blessed our lives. Read articles detailing the Puritan origin of Thanksgiving, and discover resources that will help you celebrate the holiday.

10 Things God Can't Do
Wait, you say. Can't God do everything? Actually there are tons of things he can't do. Don't believe it? Then you've gotta read this.

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SEX:  To Whom Are Teens Listening?

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Bush -- born again, or not?

The president has never clarified his conversion narrative... you decide...

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The Last Thing Our Country Needs Is What We Have Earned for Ourselves

I was sitting in a prayer meeting the other day with one of America's preeminent Old Testament scholars. He interceded on behalf of the nation with supplication: "Oh, God, please don't give us the political leadership we deserve."

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A Biblical View of Voting

The Bible does not tell us whom to vote for. Neither will we. However, the Bible does spell out God’s view of government, and we believe it gives us values to consider when making voting decisions.

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With the U.S. Supreme Court refusing to step in and block gay marriages in Massachusetts, same-sex couples planning to marry can be confident that, beginning Monday (5-17-04), they can tie the knot.  Same-sex couples getting married and acting as parents - who would have thought our society would ever be considering this proposal? But we are....... and the consequences to ourselves, our children and our society are enormous. Here you will find solid research resources for understanding why same-sex marriage and parenting are so troubling. It is our desire these materials will help equip you to become an intelligent defender of the necessary social role of husband and wife, mother and father and why they both need each other.

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Read these remarks from Former President Reagan regarding the role of God & Faith in the USA

Reagan on GOD and America- The Visible City will perish without the Invisible City...

Farmer paints Ten Commandments on Barn

Farmer Jay Power hired a person to paint the Ten Commandments on the structure.

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"I Felt Like a Loser"
Casting Crown's Mark Hall wondered if he was good enough for God.

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I will be looking this spring, what about you?


  Is Islam Really a Religion of Peace?
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"The Passion" has been accepted by many as a Great Film.  Public response has been tremendous and created much interest in Christ, but are you aware there are numerous Biblical and theological inaccuracies in this film?....Click on this link to read a commentary by Mike Gendron regarding this film.

Is this something you want your kids to participate in?

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 Strange Faith?

Are Church-going Kids Christian?....

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Adrian Rogers on Commitment

What should we expect from churc  s and leaders?

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Is Baptism Sprinkling, Pouring or Immersion?


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10 compelling reasons for the existence of a Creator!

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